Walid Riachy a global Actor and Fashion Model of par excellence

Walid Riachy Fashion Model

Walid Riachy is a man with many shades. Right from being an entrepreneur, an avid traveler, he is also an actor and fashion model by passion. He was born on 26th September 1990 in Beirut and was brought up at this place. He lived in Lebanon, but for better exposure in fashion modeling, he headed to Dubai. With his meteoric rise in his home country in the fashion world, he relocated to Dubai to do something big in the hub of fashion and modeling world. He is currently working with the Bareface Modeling Agency.

Dubai for Riachy has proved a boon as he was able to carry out a couple of iconic shoots like the one for the magnificent floating luxury hotel. However, it all started with his critically and publicly acclaimed shoot for a popular restaurant chain “Crepaway” in Lebanon. This soon led him to Dubai to do something big in this domain. He is well versed in languages like Arabic, English and French that helps him to carry out his business at the global level. Since he is a fashion model, he has worked with a wide range of commercials for diverse brands both for small screens and YouTube as well.

Besides, he has also remained the part and parcel of many Fashion Shows and even Hollywood movies. Some of these include Sinecode Arabia, DP World Dubai, Mrs. India Fashion Show, Sustainable Fashion Show Dubai, and The Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) to name a few. Of late, he was also seen in a Hollywood movie called The Misfits, which was directed by the known filmmaker – Renny Harlin. The film had Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Chung, Nick Cannon, Michael Angelo, Tim Roth and Rami Jaber. His passion for fashion modeling keeps him engaged in shoots creatively as well. He keeps on giving his inputs to designers and photographers that help them to get an edge over their shoots.

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