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Central Railway achieved highest ever loading in April

The General Manager of Central Railway Anil Kumar Lahoti has said that We have now exceeded the loading target of about 6 MT in the same month.

Nagpur: During April-October 2021 Central Railway (CR) has created the record for highest ever freight loading, by loading more than 41 MT in the last 7 months. This is more than 30% more than the previous year (2019-20). At which time it had loaded about 31.46 MT.

highest ever loading

Officials have said that in the time of October 2021. The freight movement of Central Railway is also the best in any month of October. In October 2020, a growth of about 7.5% has been registered with the movement of around 6.17 MT as against about 5.75 MT.

The General Manager of Central Railway whose name is Anil Kumar Lahoti has said that “We have now exceeded the loading target of about 6 MT in the same month. This high freight traffic is largely attributed to the initiatives taken by the Business Development Units (BDUs) set up at the divisional and regional levels.”

Cotton from Nagpur to Bangladesh

Anil has also said that freight transportation by rail is the fastest, eco-friendly. And the most secure option available to all customers. And at the same time, Central Railway is also exploring all possible ways to boost the performance of freight traffic.

The loading of coal from Rajur in Nagpur district has started once again after a gap of 9 years. For the first time in 6 years, molasses has been shipped from Belapur in Solapur. The export of galvanized steel from Nagpur to Bangladesh and cotton from Vasind has also resumed.

In October 2020 Coal loading from Nagpur increased from 758 rakes to about 864 rakes in the year 2021. And apart from this 2 rakes of dolomite and 3 rakes of fly ash have also been loaded from Nagpur.

Due to this, freight revenue increased in October 2021 and has increased to about Rs 584 crore. Which was up to about Rs 483 crore in the same month last year. In which an increase of up to Rs 100 crore was registered.

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