Check Out Alee Houston’s new song ‘Mehbooba’ – live on major streaming platforms

Mehbooba Alee Houston
Mehbooba Alee Houston

His latest track again hits all the streaming platforms after ‘Southside’ & ‘Jaan’ and it is dedicated to all the love birds around the globe.

July 1, 2020 – When we feel lonely, one thing which comes to our mind is Love and all the creative artists choose this theme to make audience feel the affection towards life in their hearts. And that’s exactly Alee Houston does in his new track ‘Mehbooba’. Video is out on his YouTube channel “Alee Houston”.

This song Based on his real-life story and his dream which has comes true to release the song. This love story starts with his college life and he started missing his good times with his girlfriend when they were together. Besides the narration of his real-life story, it also shows he spend good times during their college life, and all of these will become memories that everyone experienced in their life.

It’s amazing to see how Alee Houston narrates his relationship in his rap song that touches deeply in the heart which makes listeners feel a part of their love stories. They are many songs which came and gone in a flush because none of them shows reality in their songs.
Alee Houston give treat to their listeners in this pandemic and they surely played the song in a loop.

About Alee Houston

Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan, a.k.a. Alee Houston, is an American pop and R&B singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. He represents the Indian diaspora through his songs and has been doing so since the time he was discovered in 2011 by DJ Statik/YoungMovie. Alee’s first full studio album release was released in August 2011 which received a great response from his audience. He has a huge fan following when it comes to underground rap world in United states. His Previous songs were also released on Zee Music India, Sony Music India, DJ Shadow Dubai and major record labels in India.

To Stream “Mehbooba-Alee Houston”: YouTube, Apple Music, Gaana, Spotify, Amazon music, Wynk Music

Follow Alee Houston on Intsa: https://www.instagram.com/aleehouston/

About Alee Source : CineTalkers

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