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Energy Minister Dr. Nitin Raut Offers 2 % Rebate on MSEDCL Bill

In the recent buzz around the inflated bills coming to the consumers at their residence or shops, we now have seen the State Energy Minister and the Guardian Minister Nagpur, Dr. Nitin Raut has come forward with the announcement of 2 per cent of rebate for the consumers. This is applicable to the consumers who are releasing the total payment pending during the lockdown time. The decision was taken only to encourage the consumers to pay the lump sum amount, which was the result of the non payment during the lockdown time.

As we know during the lockdown time, the meter readings were not collected by anyone visiting the same. This therefore has led the MSEDCL to send out average bills to the consumers. Most of the consumers who failed to submit the bills were getting a lump sum bill of three months, which is obvious at the higher side.  The minister has also given the opportunity to the consumers to pay the bill in three fixed installments in case they find the bills as inflated. 

On the other side, as per the Hitavada Cityline, the  Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has even checked the procedure of the billing and in case of any doubt the consumers can contact the same. Even the minister has assured for help to any consumer in case they feel that they are cheated. Talking about the same, the Minister said that the consumers have the option of paying the amount online in three installments.

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