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NMC Chief Issues a letter over the allegation made on him

Tukaram Mundhe

Of late, we have been hearing about the allegations made on him about taking up the smart city body CEO on his own, Mr. Tukaram Mundhe is seen issuing a letter on it where he has answered the allegations hurled on him about the same. In his letter, he has written everywhere stating that he has joined the civic body in Nagpur on 28th Jan 2020 and at that time, Mr. Ramnath Sonawane was the CEO of Smart City body.

However, he resigned from the said position on 11th Feb 2020 to the chairman Mr. Pravin Singh Pardeshi. Later, the chairman of Nagpur Smart City instructed him on the phone to take the charges of the CEO of the said body. As per the decision taken by the government, he is now holding the post till date. He further said he has been carrying out his work as the CEO of the smart city. He then said that during his term, a tender for a transfer station was cancelled which soon was followed by bio-mining getting passed away. And he informed me that both the matters were discussed with the board chairman.

As per reports published in The Live Nagpur, he also wrote that the body has been functioning properly and that few members had to retire considering their yearly appraisals. Also, there was not such irregularity in the work and he being the CEO has been doing his work with utmost sincerity. The board meeting could not be called in between as he was tied up dealing with the COVID 19 situations in Nagpur. However, he added that a meeting has been proposed and they are likely to sit soon.

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