Checkout The Ongoing Blame-Game In Big Boss House

As the days are passing by; things are getting more goofed up in the Big Boss 13 House. A lot of twists and turns can be seen coming up in the Big Boss House. Shehnaaz Gill finally announces that she is shifting away her bed. Shehnaaz told Arti Singh that she feels, she is fearing Sidharth Shukla and feels that everything is over now! Arti objects by saying that she said “Sidharth was wrong in his attitude” when Salman Khan had asked her about this. Shehnaaz informed Sidharth that she is moving away her bed to the oval carpet to maintain distance and that she can’t bear insult anymore.

Big Boss further scolded all the house inmates that this season would have been more successful, had they not got the tasks cancelled. Later Arti and Vishal Aditya Singh apologized to Big Boss. Then all the housemates were individually asked by Big Boss to name the person responsible for cancellation of tasks, maximum times; by voting. Finally, the names of Asim and Paras were declared and were ordered to do household chores till next order. Paras and Asim soon took up a fight which was tried to be ended by Vishal.

Shefali then blamed Rashami and Arhaan for calling Arti and Shehnaaz as ‘fixed deposit’ of Sidharth. Arti asked what it meant but Sidharth asked her to ignore it. Arti then asked Rashami about the same who replied that Arhaan had said that and Shefali was present at that time. Paras further said that the word meant ‘keep’. Arti was told to keep mum and she agreed by saying that she will ask Salman about it. Later, Arti was spotted crying and asked Big Boss to call her to the confession room.

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