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City receives highest rainfall in India

Pre Monsoon Nagpur

The city broke all the records when it comes to rains in Nagpur. The last two days have witnessed a huge amount of rains in the city starting from Sunday night that witnessed the highest downpour in the country. This has further caused water logging all over Nagpur. As per the Indian Meteorological Department or IMD, the city has now got 157.2 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. This has made Nagpur the fourth highest in Nagpur to receive the rainfall. This Monday, Nagpur emerged out as the rainiest place in Nagpur. 

With this it has become the seventh rainiest place in the world. As per reports, the 15th July rainfall in the city recorded 100.8 mm rainfall in Nagpur, which has emerged as the highest of the season. Nagpur is seen witnessing with the highest ever downpour in 1994 with 314 mm of rainfall. This was recorded in one single day in the city. Soon it emerged with the rainfall of 286 mm of rainfall in the next six hours thus hampering the normal life in Nagpur.

It was on July 6 in 2018 where we have seen the second highest rainfall till Monday. At the same time, on 26th June 2013, the city has gained a maximum rainfall in the city recording 24 hours of rain reaching to 187 mm claims the reports of Hitavada Cityline. The city has so far received 157.2 mm rainfall which has now made Nagpur the fourth highest for the city. Also, the other nearby districts from the city are also affected the most with the rains.

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