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Civic Body Upgrading Five Hospitals in Nagpur to Upgrade Infrastructure

In the recent move carried out by the NMC chief Mr. Tukaram Mundhe, we see five hospitals in the city belonging to the civic body have been renovated. The body is now leaving no stone unturned to transform these hospitals only to boost up the quality of the infrastructure in the city. This is done in the wake of making the hospital upgraded in terms of infrastructure to deal with the increasing number of COVID 19 cases in the city.

Talking about the same, the NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe said that they are upgrading the hospitals only to combat the war the city has waged against that virus. In order to take complete control of the virus in the city, it is important to upgrade the hospitals belonging to the state government. The NMC chief has now drafted a blueprint of the plan and he intends to add 450 beds in the said five hospitals of NMC along with adding a few modern health facilities as well. So far there are more than 300 beds in the hospitals which have been added in this regard. 

This has been done within a week ever since the NMC Chief has issued the notice to the concerned department. The reports of The Hitavada confirmed that some final touches which are remaining at the moment are added. During the lockdown phase, the NMC has played a vital role in combating the virus. They have added two new hospitals in the city which are giving competition to the private hospitals in the city. The hospitals which are renovated include Indira Gandhi Hospital, Gandhinagar, Isolation Hospital, Imambada, and Panchpaoli Women Hospital.

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