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Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety tests Metro Systems on Aqua Line

In the latest buzz about the Nagpur Maha Metro project, the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) was seen taking an inspection ride with the officials to keep a check over all the key Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) technology elements seen over the Reach-III stretch found in between Lokmanaya Nagar Metro Station and Sitabuldi Interchange.

The team comprised of the commissioner along with the other experts who checked the factors like Automatic Train Protection, and Automatic Train Supervision technologies that have been used in the Maha Metro project in Nagpur. Mr. Janak Kumar Garg, the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety was seen taking a wide range of issues that are related to Metro project and this time, we see the officials inspecting the different aspects of the same that are linked with the train control.

The Aqua Line services were seen taking the benefit of the residents that seemed living there in a big way. The Aqua Line stretch has a couple of things of multiple academic institutions, along with the cluster of industries, and commercial areas. It is an 11 km long Aqua line of Maha Metro that is seen running parallel over the water bodies including Ambazari Lake along with Nag River. The said line would have natural surroundings while the station based at Sitabuldi Interchange on the Aqua Line is found over the third floor. Stay tuned to know more about  it and others only with us, till then if you have anything interesting to share, you can comment below.

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