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Dead leopard found in field, cause of death not clear

On many occasions, these wild animals also enter the residential areas for water or by wandering.

Gondia: Sensation has spread from the forest department to wildlife lovers due to the discovery of the carcass of a leopard in the field located in village Sitepar of Lonara Bit, which comes in the Vadegaon Sahvan area of ​​Tiroda forest area under the Forest Department of Gondia.

dead leopard found

Gondia district is surrounded by dense forests. Rare wildlife can be easily seen roaming in the forest areas of the district full of nature’s nature.

On many occasions, these wild animals also enter the residential areas for water or by wandering.

On Friday, October 22, in the early hours of the day, the Forest Department officials got information about a leopard dead in the field of Kishanlal Chanalal Baghele located in Sitepar, after which Forest Range Officer M.M. Kadve, field assistant, and other employees had reached the same spot. On inspecting the spot, the female leopard was found dead.

Keeping Dead Body Safe

Whose age is said to be about 1 year old and all the parts of the female leopard were completely safe. In the initial investigation, no indications like poaching were found in this case, so the Deputy Forest Conservator Gondia and Livestock Development Officer were informed.

Due to dusk, the post-mortem of the dead female leopard is not possible in the dark, keeping the dead body safe at the same place, security forces have been deployed at night.

On Saturday morning of 23 October, the team of Livestock Development Officer Dr. Vivek Gajre (Ekodi), Dr. Devendra Katre (Gondia), and Dr. Renuka Shinde (Vadgaon) conducted the post-mortem of that dead female leopard.

All the parts of the dead female leopard were perfect. According to the team of livestock development officers, the death of the leopard has been reported as a possibility of jaundice or any infection. However, samples of the organs of the dead female leopard have been taken for medical examination. The body was cremated after the post-mortem.

On the spot Assistant Forest Conservator R.R. Sadgir, Forest Range Officer S.K. Aakre, Honorary Wildlife Guard Mukund Dhurve was present.

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