Dhakajoy: Hanif Ahmed’s eCommerce start-up giving tough challenges to its rivals

Online stores are quite reliable these days and the market is quite new despite it looks saturated. On one hand, eCommerce Giants are ruling the eCommerce market and then some emerging eCommerce companies are giving tough competition to their rivals. Dhakajoy is the new sensation in the eCommerce niche in Bangladesh. People are eager to buy products from the store because of the availability of an array of products, heavy discounts, and fast deliveries. There tag line which is “We are always active,” says it all. They provide a hassle-free experience to their buyers. They have made a platform for every buyer out there and even for those who don’t have much knowledge of technology. People are more and more buying products from Dhakajoy and are very satisfied with their customer service.

It was very tough for Hanif Ahmed initially to set up the eCommerce business. There was a lack of funding and the investment was huge but he did not give up and went on to introduce Dhakajoy which is one of the fines eCommerce stores in Bangladesh. Hanif Ahmed is the Managing Director. He started the Setup with lots of aspirations and dreams in mind. He initially failed to manage to fund his business and now he has got C-level funding for his e-commerce to start up. The way Dhakajoy is progressing and fulfilling orders, the time is near when we will see it outselling products more than what the eCommerce Giants are selling in Bangladesh.

Dhakajoy is a one-stop-shop for the public’s important needs. They sell Bikes, smartphones, Air Conditioners, Home Appliances, Baby products, groceries, healthcare, and other essential items. They operate with low delivery charges and are always ready to provide the best services possible. Even in this pandemic they worked without any fail and relentlessly delivered all items and needs to the public. You can use the cash on the Delivery method or you can also go for the online payment methods like Bikash, VISA, MasterCard, Amex card, Nexus pay, and Bank Deposit. Once you have placed the order they will deliver the order to your doorstep promptly.

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