Mohammad Qattali has taken the Dubai music industry to the next Level

Mohammad Qattali is a well-known rapper and artist for his unique singing style. He is a Dubai-based singer. He has written and recorded several songs in English and Arabic. His modern rock and the old classic compositions have earned him a name and fame in the music industry. His voice is magic; undoubtedly, he is one of the rock stars. He plays a vital role in singing in the music industry.

Mohammad Qattali
Mohammad Qattali

The bi-lingual artist is well-known as a composer and vocalist across Dubai. Innumerable music artists have contributed to the art for the longest time and have taken the art to the next level in Dubai, and Qattali is one of them. Spending most of his time working on new content, producing an album, and a couple of singles, Qattali always keeps himself busy and learns new things in the process. He also knows how to catch a groovy rhythm between the lines the production lays down for him. He started his journey as an amateur rapper and is now famous globally. Mohammad Qattali’s music is peace to one’s ears. His music has emotions that define comfort and soothing. Mohammad Qattali has a huge fanbase with over 65k followers on Instagram. He has given many hit songs like Roach Killer, Not My Life, Stopper (Qattali), Dubai Life (Shrina), Maafi Mushkil. He recently launched his ”Wallah Abu Dhabi’ song, and it is trending like crazy on music platforms like Spotify.

Mohammad Qattali is verified on Spotify and has a large number of listeners. He wants to entertain the public and bring a smile to the faces of his audience, and he wants to keep doing that all his life.

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