Dr. Jitendra Yadav is a versatile contributing to the society in multiple ways 

Dr. Jitendra Yadav
Dr. Jitendra Yadav

There are many people in this world who lead life with an example. They tend to remain an inspiration for many souls. One such person is Dr. Jitendra Yadav who falls in this category. He has done loads of work in the politics, social and education domains helping people who needed help in these areas. Thus giving them all a better future. Being a politician he has remained consistent in his efforts when it comes to guiding and helping people and individuals.

He claims he has learnt the same from his father Shri Babu Singh Yadav. He has been following his footsteps all his life calling him an ideal man and Academician. He claims he is the follower of his deeds and these have helped him prosper in his life. Dr. Jadav is also known for his exceptional work in education. He holds top positions like chairman or secretary of a number of educational institutions. Some of these include Major S.D. Singh Medical College & Hospital, Bewar, Major S.D. Singh Ayurvedic Nursing & Pharmacy College, Fatehgarh – Farrukhabad, and Major S.D. Singh P.G. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Fatehgarh – Farrukhabad to name a few.

Dr. Jitendra Yadav
Dr. Jitendra Yadav

The other educational institutions include Saimeer Law College, Chhibramau- Kannauj, Saimeer Degree College, Chhibramau- Kannauj,  Saimeer College of Pharmacy, Chhibramau- Kannauj, Krishna Devi Girls Degree College, Awas-Vikas, Farrukhabad, and Saimeer College of Polytechnic, Chhibramau- Kannauj to name a few. Besides he is also linked with the media as a chief editor for a national newspaper called Samriddhi News. He also served the government as an advisor to the ministry of chemicals and fertilizers. He was also active in student council both at the nk salve and lata Mangeshkar Medical College and hospital.

He is currently a member of the Indian medical association commonly known as IMA. Some of the honors to his credit include participating in the Brics conference held in 2013 at Durban in South Africa. He got this opportunity to participate with the delegation led by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He has been recognized for his achievements by different award platforms including the stardust group. Some of the awards and honors for his contribution include Stardust Achievers Award 2017 in Dubai, Society Achievers Award 2018 in Mumbai and Gomti Gaurav Award in Lucknow and Stardust Global Achievers Award 2018 in London.

In terms of his social life he has been engaged in various activities. He plans to embark upon some ventures to help in the areas of rehabilitation of fire victims and help them with free medical camps in flooded areas in the Indian states like UP and Bihar. He also stands for the marriage of girls belonging to downtrodden and poor families along with arranging for water supply to drought-affected areas.

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