Enthralling audiences with his incredible musical skills and talents is MichaelTheAngel.

His artistic and technical skills in music all have thrust him forward in the industry as an outstanding singer.

Out of the many industries and sectors that have seen immense growth and progress, the music industry is one that has attained maximum headlines across the world. This had to happen looking at the innumerable talents that get produced every year and the kind of music all of them create to elevate the musical experiences of listeners and music connoisseurs. We came to learn about one such highly driven and high-performing artist named Michael, who made sure to put his best foot forward and emerge as one of the finest talents in the ever-evolving and competitive industry.


“To create their unique path in an industry like music, people need to go under the grind, challenge themselves, push boundaries and focus on providing value to people through their musical works. When all these things come together, it helps individuals to build their successful careers in the same,” says Michael. He further adds, saying that he always concentrated on his journey and hardly cared for what others did in the industry because he never wanted to lose focus of his visions and aspirations in life.

Advising other young talents in the industry, Michael says that surviving the competition and saturation in the industry can get too unnerving sometimes. Hence, it is essential to develop patience and persistently work towards attaining their goals. Patience will give artists the sense of calm they need to create more, and persistent efforts will help them hone their skills, be it as singers, writers, producers or overall artists. He confesses how he did the same, and instead of worrying about how tough it could get out there, he only paid attention to how well he was doing to become his best version.

There is a reason why people have loved his latest single, “Big Flex,” and his EP, “The Founder”, packed by three amazing tracks Chop, Live Life, and Banx. No one can deny the magic Michael has created with his voice, which has helped him attain massive fans and followers.

To listen to his songs, check out his Spotify

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