From scratch to 1M+, How Anubhav Mukherjee built Bong’s most loved ‘The Kolkata Buzz’

Every success story has but a humble start and the road is not always a bed of roses. So, is the journey of Anubhav Mukherjee who founded The Kolkata Buzz, the City of Joy’s most famous social media platform that has garnered 216k+ Followers on Instagram, and 1 Million+ on Facebook within 5 years.
Mukherjee originally hails from Mahendragarh, Chattisgarh. Although a Bengali by birth, he learned most of the language and culture only after coming to Kolkata to learn filmmaking.
Having spent few months in the city Anubhav would click several pictures and short videos on his phone which he started to post on social media. Seeing the overwhelming response he launched his page “The Kolkata Buzz” and it became an instant hit during the year 2016 Durga puja.
“It all started a few years ago when I left Chhattisgarh to come to Kolkata for learning filmmaking. Having attended classes for a few months, I started clicking pictures of Kolkata and posted them on social media which gradually manifested into The Kolkata Buzz page. The response was good but I wasn’t generating any revenue for many months. Yet I kept up my work and at the time of Puja, it was a hit. That’s when I left film making and dedicated all my time to the platform,” shares Anubhav.
He did have hard times but that made him work harder. All that he has done to date is a result of self-study from Youtube and other websites. For the initial months, the only employee was himself with a laptop and a phone.
“I had some tough days but I promised myself that I will thrive. So, soon I started following Youtube tutorials and got self-educated. All I had with me is a laptop and phone that was my portable office,” he says.
“One day I got a call from a person who wanted to advertise on my platform and he offered me a token of money which was huge for me at that time. Thus, started to mint money and never looked back. As the work increased, I started pooling in freelancers and today I have some dedicated members along with project-based employees who work for me,” he says.
The Kolkata Buzz success led Anubhav to start his own registered company – Buzzaffair ventures (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED. The digital marketing agency is into brands, Influencer marketing, event promotions, and social media management. By now they have covered hundreds of brands locally, nationally, and internationally.
His story can inspire millions who dream to ace the digital world.

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