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Give Two helmets to consumers ask HC to Auto Companies

In the recent diktat from the High Court, the auto companies have been asked to provide their customers two helmets for free when they procure their two-wheelers from them. The High Court was categorical on its statement and went on saying that if the auto manufacturer failed to do so, they would be penalized for not getting registrations in the entire state. The court further asked the local government to ensure that the auto companies follow the new rules as set by the Central Motor Vehicles.

With this update, the auto companies are not supposed to offer the customers with two headgears to the customers. As per the set norms of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, the helmets given for free by the auto companies are supposed to comply with the specifications of the BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards of the 1986 Act. Currently, the auto dealers are only offering only one helmet to the customers.

The dealer should be able to pay to the family of the victims as well who have died in any road accident without wearing any helmets claimed the high court orders. Failing to comply with this rule, the High Court would cancel the registration for the vehicles of the auto brands in the state. The court has issued this fresh order on the PIL filed by a social worker in the city called Manish Singh Chauhan. In his PIL he has tried to draw the attention of the court towards the gross violations carried out by the auto dealers in providing the headgears to the people.

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