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NMC issues fresh list of containment zones in Nagpur

The city civic body NMC has come out with fresh guidelines for sealing the number of areas in the city. As per reports, they have now issued fresh guidelines that seemed to have fallen under several areas of the city. As per reports, the following areas are sealed by the civic body for preventing the spread of the virus. As per the Nagpur Live, the following are the areas that are sealed, have a look at them as under: 

Dharampeth zone no 2 areas called Adivasi society Kamla Nagar Wadi Naka no 10 and the Shivaji Nagar Govind estate Sadnika (ward no 15) along with The Nehru nagar zone 5 areas falling under Beldarnagar Degori (ward no 28)

Gandhibagh and Mahal Zone 6 area called Hansapuri, Bhankheda, and Kadar Sahab Mosque along with the areas like Ganga bai ghat road, near Kamalabai Varghane Kirana stores and Old Mangalwari (ward no 22) and Takia divan shah (ward no 8). 

The Lakadganj zone no 8 areas is called Garoba maidan (ward no 23) and Ambika Nagar old Ajani, chuna bhatti (ward no 16).  

The Laxmi Nagar zone 1 area under Changdev Nagar beside Somalwar school falling under the ward no 36 and Wardha Road (ward no 16), West Nagar, Amarth Nagar, Ajni square (ward no 16 ), Gopal Nagar third bus stop (ward no 37), Hazaripahad Vayusena Nagar (ward no 13) and  Muleek complex Wardha road (ward no 16) under Laxmi Nagar zone 1,The Prashant Nagar (ward no 16 ) zone no 1.

Mangalwari ward zone 10 the Adarsh colony Mansha square Zafar Nagar (ward no 10).

Gopal nagar third bus stop (ward no 37) under Laxmi Nagar zone no 1 (ward no 23) under Lakadganj zone 8.

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