Indian Idol winners Salman Ali & Sunny Hindustani to Head London soon for a live performance

Salman Ali And Sunny Hindustani
Salman Ali And Sunny Hindustani

The reality show – Indian Idol has remained a popular platform for budding singers to get a decent exposure. Many of the winners from this platform have made headlines in the media for getting good opportunities and similar is the story of the earlier winners like Salman Ali and Sunny Hindustani. As per the recent buzz, the two talented singers are going to perform on the stage in London this month. Salman and Sunny have won titles for Season 10 and 11 respectively.

The two have even performed together on the said reality show and other platforms as well. Now, they are all set to entertain the global audience as well. As per reports, they will be performing at a show at indigo in The O2, London Its a Rock on Music Production one of the UK biggest Asian concert organization. Salman & Sunny will be joined by Choklate Pi Singh the known musician. He is the same man who has paid tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Talking about the same, the musician said India has rich unexplored talents.

Salman and Sunny, he said the two are very skilled and exceptional singers. Since there is a huge fan following of Indian Music in the UK and the west, hence the musician and his team has joined hand with Vijay Bhola from Rock on Music who done in past Salman Ali solo concert in Wembley Arena. He said it will attract a large Indian diaspora in the UK and other places as well. He said Vijay Bhola and his Rock on Music team will be promoting such talents all across the world. Since Indian music is very much popular and its fame is increasing, such concerts will add value to it all across the globe. The concert will be a live-streamed function all across the world from Indigo The O2 london on Saturday 31st Oct 6 pm GMT. it’s A live stream and marketing is done by House of Advertising Limited.

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