Sanjay Gosai Shares his Success Mantra of Shakti Recycling

Sanjay Gosai
Sanjay Gosai

Sanjay Gosai is a big name when it comes to the recycling industry. He owns the Shakti Recycling which deals with various works in the said industry. He is a self-made man and has worked hard to achieve a position in the market. He feels that there is no alternative to experience and it teaches us a lot. He also advocates for traits like time management, commitment and perseverance, which together remain vital elements to gain success in the market. Sanjay believes to be a multitasking person.

He also owned Airfly Travel, which is an IATA registered travel agency. He has worked in different domains and has gained a good exposure working on different ventures. While working in different sectors, he also founded a music company called The One Production and Events. Under his banner, he produced a number of music videos and most of these turned a big hit in the market. These include Hukka Mera Dil Jala De.

With this song, he also tried his luck in the direction as well and was successful in it. Besides, with his event management company, he did a number of events with various celebrities and thus turned his company into a profitable venture in the entertainment domain as well. At the age of 51, he still loves to work a lot and in his free time, he likes to dance, sing and write. Besides, he also loves to travel and likes to move around some cool places. He likes cricket, chess and poker. He has ventured in different fields and vouch for one thing, explore the field well and then excellence will follow. His quest to move ahead in his life has made him popular in his field. He intends to expand his business in different ways.

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