Indian Parents And Their Growing Fondness For Newborn Photography – Littolo House

Remember the time when all the memories of newborns were stored in tiny photo albums having pictures which were rarely up to the mark? During those days, the pictures of newborns were clicked in their most raw forms. There was hardly any consideration of props, backdrop set-ups, curated themes, special outfits, etc. Fast forward to recent times, with the many changes the world of photography has witnessed, it is the rise of newborn photography that has brought a significant change and in fact, a really progressive one.

During recent times, the importance of pictures as the memory-holders has increased even more with the arrival of good quality cameras, no limitations on the number of pictures people want to click and the urge to keep up with the new trends every day. During recent times, even before the arrival of babies, their parents are well-prepared with a set of ideas about how they want their baby’s photo shoot to be carried out. Needless to say, the simple urge to document their little one’s arrival and every little thing about them is on every parent’s list.

Professional newborn photography requires a ton of effort with the set-ups, props, customization of the themes, outfits, lighting and the final outcomes. While the results are amazing to say the least, the planning and effort that goes behind it is what the real work is all about. While researching about the brands that have made an extraordinary contribution in this rapidly progressing world of newborn photography with their astonishing work, we came across one Ahmedabad-based brand named ‘Littolo House’. Having come across their work, we contacted them to know more about this rising trend and how things work behind the scenes.

Talking about the rise of Newborn Photography, Dimpal Mulani from Littolo House said, “Newborn photography is a rapidly growing and lucrative field for the photographers. The market for photo shoot props too is growing at a faster rate. Parents today are always on their toes looking for the trendiest things for their kids. Therefore, at Littolo House our product team is constantly iterating and conceptualizing trendy props to help parents get the desired outcomes.” The rate at which newborn photography is growing, it is only obvious that this trend is here to stay and that too for the good because honestly who doesn’t want their kids to have an amazing set of memories to look at when they grow up?

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