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Nagpur Ambazari Dam overflows

ambazari Lake
ambazari Lake

With rains coming constantly in the last month in Nagpur, the city that witnessed scarcity of water in most of its reservoirs have now enough water to supply the city. Despite the slow start the Monsoon has gradually picked up in the city giving enough water in the city. As per the Meteorological Department of Nagpur, the city has so far received 1004 MM of water, which although is less compared to the average water the city has received in the earlier years.

The average waterfall every year in City is recorded as 1076 MM every year, which remains decent for the city to gain the water supply. Now, the water reservoirs in the city are getting overflowed, with Ambazari getting the first in the city. As per reports, the water in the Ambazari dam has crossed the maximum level giving extra water coming out from it. This has attracted too many youngsters from the city to enjoy the falling stream beside the dam.

As you check the pictures going viral on social media, we see youngsters enjoying the most in the excess of water flowing from the Ambazari dam. With excess and continuous waterfall in the city, there seems to be chaos in the ongoing road construction work. The potholes are increasing their shapes and sizes creating problems for the citizens. Well, you can share your views, photos, and videos as to how water chaos the area around you. Stay tuned for more news on it.

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