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Nagpur Emerges as the only city to have the best Sewage Management System in India

The city Nagpur seems to have one more tag attached to it now. Thanks to its effective use of the Sewage management system carried out by the civic body called NMC. The way the systems in Nagpur are set to treat and reuse the water obtained from Sewage up to 90 percent is incredible. As per reports, the city-based civic body called NMC can recycle the project for more than 90 per cent of sewage water received through the gutter line created by the residents of the city.

Currently, we see the NMC is on the verge of rising the capacity of the sewage treatment plant, which can only recycle up to 480 million liters, while with the upcoming system update, we would be able to see the sewage to be managed up to 525 million liter per day of the sewage that it has generated in the city. As per reports, the NTPC alone produces around 150 million liters of water per day, which the city will be getting through the sewage water.

Similarly, the Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited has a similar amount of sewage water when it produces 190 million litres per day of being treated for its thermal power stations based in the vicinity areas of the city in Koradi and Khaparkheda. The city-based civic body does not intend to sell back the treated water to these two power generating companies in the coming future. Earlier the NMC was able to treat and reuse around 130 MLD sewage three years ago. Now, with endearing systems in place, it will be able to do more on this to emerge out as the place to have 90 per cent of sewage water treated with it.

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