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Nagpur Municipal Corporation is allegedly protecting an unauthorized flat constructed on the terrace

The NMC is allegedly guarding an unauthorized flat on the flat plan terrace. It has often claimed that the matter is sub-judice,

Nagpur: The NMC is allegedly guarding an unauthorized flat on the flat plan terrace. It has often claimed that the matter is sub-judice, and that the matter has not been acted upon, even though the case was dismissed about 20 months ago. The civic body has not initiated any action even after a complaint was filed by West Nagpur city MLA Vikas Thakre about twenty months ago.

Vikas has written a letter to the Municipal Commissioner, whose name is Radhakrishnan B, on the date of 27 September, asking the reason for not taking any action on the unauthorized flat.

Ashok Kate, a flat owner, has told that, “Prakash Thokal had approved the plan of this building for about 6 flats in about three floors on a plot of 3,295 sq ft on 12th September 2012. Prakash Thokal had built a flat of 4 rooms on top of the flat plan roof. And then said that we lodged a complaint against it (NMC) with Nagpur Municipal Corporation, which issued a notice on 10th July 2013 under section 53 of the (MRTP) Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act.

(NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation had also directed Prakash Thokal to demolish this unauthorized construction. (NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation on 14th August 2013 completely rejected this submitted revised plan. And then after a series of complaints another notice was issued as to why the water and electricity supply should not be cut off on 19th November, 2014. Meanwhile, Prakash Thokal had registered about 3 cases against this notice.

Cases Were Pending in Courts

“After that we went to meet Vikas Thakre and met him and apprised him of all these problems. Vikas Thakre wrote to (NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation Hanuman Nagar Zone on the day of January 6, 2020 and June 30, 2021. (NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation officials had said that these matters are pending in the courts, hence no action has been taken on the matter,” Kate said.

According to Vikas Thakre letter, Ashok Kate and the rest of the flat owners gathered a lot of information about the status of this entire case and It was then found that the same case was dismissed outright on the date of November 4, 2016, and the second on the date of April 3, 2017 and the third on the date of January 28, 2020. And Vikas Thakre has said that it is very surprising to know that (NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation officials were completely lying about these pending cases in the courts. And action should be taken against all the responsible officers.

Ashok Kate also said that it has been almost 8 years now that (NMC) Nagpur Municipal Corporation is still protecting the unauthorized flat despite receiving complaints so many times.

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