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Nagpur Police Tough as is Taking Stern Actions against the violators

The timely action against the violators at Civil Lines by Ambazari Police and Gittikhadan Police says many things about the stern action against the violators. It says only one thing at the moment that indicates that there will be zero tolerance against the people who violate. All thanks to the DCP Vinita Sahu of Nagpur police who took stern action against the youngsters at joggers’ park and Japanese Garden area for violating the rules as set in the unlock 1.0 in the city. 

They are taking tough action against the people who were seen violating the rules like social distancing and other things like not wearing the mask and so on. This has led the Sr PI Sadar, and team to be on the walker’s street and other areas close by to take a view on the people who violate the rules. They are now being booked like what we have seen earlier when Vinita Ma’am had booked 20 boys and four girls for violating the norms on the street. 

The police have even detailed their bikes and two wheelers where the students and youth were seen coming over them. As per the Nagpur LIves, they have shared a couple of pictures from the streets at Civil Lines and other areas where the Police have been actively keeping a check on the movement of people along with taking to task the others who are seen not following the said norms as set to prevent the spread of the virus. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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