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Police booked 20 Boys and 6 girls for Violating lockdown rules

Despite the unlock 1.0 being in progress, the city authorities have laid down strict rules and guidelines for people coming out. The offices may be working with 33 per cent staff, but rules are to be followed for the smooth functioning during the tough time amid the pandemic period. It’s been four months we have seen the city under strict vigil getting the lockdown for two months. In June, things turned relaxed but people seemed to be taking things lightly, which did cost the city.

As per the recent buzz, we have seen the authorities getting strict on their guidelines and they have been keeping a track on people who have been violating the rules. The recent example is of 20 boys and six girls who were booked by the Ambazari and Gittikhadan Police for violating the rules during the lockdown. As per reports, the DCP Zone 2, Madam Vinita Sahu along with her team were seen booking the said crowd from Telankhedi as she found them violating the rules of lockdown.

As per the Nagpur Live reports, the youngsters were seen clicking selfies and having fun without following the basic guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks. They were seen coming on their two wheelers without the masks coming triple on it. Soon the police got the tip-off and Vinita Maam was smart enough to take things on her hand, guiding the local police stations to act right on time to stop the violation taking place in public. Subsequently, the police reached and detained the youngsters along with their bikes for the lockdown violators. They were booked under the IPC Acts of  Epidemic Act, Motor Vehicle Act and Maharashtra Police Act.

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