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Timely NMC’s Alert and Action Saved Nagpur from COVID 19

Tukaram Mundhe

Although we see the number of positive cases getting higher in the city in the recent past, particularly when the unlock was announced on June 1, but on the other side, the number of recovered cases too have boosted up. Thanks to the aggressive and timely action taken by the city civic body called NMC, which somewhere still defied the challenge of COVID 19 to some extent. Also, the timely preventive measurements by the NMC have made all the difference in controlling the spread of the virus like wild fire in the city. 

The leadership of Mr. Tukaram Mundhe the NMC has headed into the right direction saving many from the clutches of the virus. Since the past four months, the NMC chief has left no stone unturned to keep things under control. Right from managing the migrant labour case to the lockdown effective in the city, he was successful in bringing out the fruits to the residents of Nagpur taking things unscathed to a huge extent.

It was a tight rope walking situation for the city claims Mundhe, which he has tried to walk smoothly with the help of his team supporting him at every point and time. His various preventive measurements carried out in different blends also have brought results for the city. These include testing the people at large scale, which was supposed to be the hotspot areas for the fatal virus. Despite the novel situation, his leadership has brought results in many ways. He said he was allowed to make the right decisions on the right time, which helped the city to come into the garb of the virus.

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