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Nagpur Railway Station to Have Fitness Gym Soon within its premises

A big news there for the fitness freak of Nagpur city as they get to see a fitness gym within the premises of Nagpur Railway Station. So, they have no reason to miss their gym workout sessions carried out on a daily basis while they plan to travel to anywhere in the country taking the trains from the station. Now, this comes out to be a reality by the joint efforts of Central railway and Vocano Lifestyle who have embarked with this innovative idea of having a gym in the premises of Nagpur Railway station.

It will be establishing a fitness cum wellness centre at the Nagpur Railway Station for the people who are traveling and want to add value to their amenities. The step is carried out under the initiative taken by the Fit India Movement carried out by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Also, it has the aim to generate additional non-fair revenue for the Indian Railways.

As per reports, the group Vocano will be installing the fitness center with the help of setting up a couple of gym types of equipment along with the yoga accessories for the passengers who have time to avail these services. This will be established on the platform no 1. The contractor will then establish the state-of-the-art railway coach along with salon that will be just next to the fitness centre. The services found at the fitness centre would come along free of cost for the visitors. The Senior Div Commercial Manager, Mr. Krishnath Patil was the man who announced the same and informed that passengers waiting for train can avail these services.

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