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Nagpur: Vidarbha has the potential for ecotourism, according to Div Commissioner Prajakta Verma

“The Vidarbha region has a potency for eco-tourism because it is one of the region's uniqueness"

“The Vidarbha region has a potency for eco-tourism because it is one of the region’s uniqueness,” said Prajakta Lavangare Verma, Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur Division, during a Meet-the-Press session on Tuesday.
“During our visit to the forests, we noticed that many NGOs are working with people to support them and increase opportunities,” Verma added. “The Forest Rights Act 2006 and the Biodiversity Act 2003 require more focus and attention, which will help in building tourism opportunities in the Vidarbha region.”

“The Village Forest Management Committee must be aware of profit-making activities, share funds, and development activities in the region.”

The serosurvey to evaluate the severity of COVID-19 spread in Nagpur was conducted before the second wave. The GMC has now sent a recommendation to conduct the survey again, which is expected to be completed within the next 7-8 days.

“Adequate covid appropriated behavior is required, and we are constantly creating awareness about it. The administration is trying to identify patients who are at high risk. Contact tracing and testing are underway.” Because the COVID delta variant is a major trigger, NMC is now hospitalizing all positive patients to quarantine facilities. Verma added that many samplers were sent for genome sequencing.
The administration is making substantial arrangements, from COVID devoted beds to oxygen tanks, in order to rid Nagpur of the Coronavirus, she said.

Concerning climate change, Verma stated that the city’s development and plantation drive will be completed. We can encourage people to use electric buses and vehicles. She suggested that green initiatives such as peoples-street and no use of a vehicle for a day be launched. Cleanliness drives have begun in the city, and nullahs are being cleaned regularly.

“A letter has been sent to the Director-General of Civil Aviation requesting permission to start it. We will start the Flying Club in a co-op once we have received permission and a certificate, she further added.

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