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Incidental Coronavirus findings push hospital admissions, some patients need O2

A very small percentage of such coronavirus patients require oxygenated beds and also develop chest infections.

Nagpur: In Nagpur district with the number of active covid cases crossing 20,000, admissions in private and government hospitals have increased, But most of these patients had already been admitted or had already been brought there for some other diseases. Only a few of them are showing direct respiratory complications similar to those of coronavirus, Including a significant drop in oxygen levels.

incidental coronavirus findings

A very small percentage of such coronavirus patients require oxygenated beds and also develop chest infections.

Around 200 such patients have tested positive and have been shifted to the coronavirus wards of the three medical colleges. In various private hospitals, more than 100 patients have been kept in isolation after testing positive. These include patients undergoing surgery, convulsions, trauma, paralysis, liver disease, stroke, bleeding, etc. Doctors said that these were accidental findings but would have to be isolated to stop the spread of the infection.

Dr Prashant Patil, head of the medical department of GMCH, has said that only four patients are on oxygen support in his coronavirus ward. As of today, around 100 covid patients are admitted in the covid ward of GMCH. Many referral patients are coming on ventilators from outside districts or other hospitals.

RT-PCR or antigen is positive

IGGMCH officials said that some crowd is visible in the coronavirus OPD, But after the examination, the patients do not qualify for admission at all. Most of those patients are advised home isolation. There are TB and asthma patients under surveillance in the ward of coronavirus.

Dr Nitin Shinde, specialist in infectious diseases at Alexis Hospital, has said that they have started admitting covid patients to the covid ward after the incidental findings. But some of them are in dire need of O2 support.

Dr Ashwini Tayade, a specialist in infectious diseases at Kingsway Hospitals, has said that patients without covid vaccination are facing complications from coronavirus. They have also had some cases of accidental coronavirus. They do not have much lung involvement.

AIIMS Nagpur officials have maintained that most of their patients were associated with coronavirus. They are admitted to the SARI ward and if their RT-PCR or antigen is positive, Then they are shifted to the ward of covid. They still have enough oxygen beds available.

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