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57 leopards, 24 tigers have been hunted in 3 years

After a major crackdown in 2013, the state forest department has managed to keep all the organized gangs of poachers away,

Nagpur: After a major crackdown in 2013, the state forest department has managed to keep all the organized gangs of poachers away, but the poaching of leopards and tigers inside the state has not reduced at all. In the last 3 years, 57 leopards and 24 tigers have been hunted in the state.

leopards tigers hunted

The number of deaths of leopards and tigers could be very high, all the information sought by social activist Abhay Kolarkar. Between January 2018 and September 2021 was related to poaching only and only. It also shows that about 57 leopards and 24 tigers have died most of them due to electric shock. And getting trapped in poison and wire nets.

“But all the information sought was from the year 2018, January 1 to September 2021. And it is in fact all the cases of poaching recorded in just 36 months. In the month of December 2018, around 3 tigers have died. Then there have been 6 deaths in 2019 and 8 in 2020 and 7 tigers died in the first 4 months of 2021,” Kolarkar says.

Forest Department did not have Information

In the year 2018, 6 leopards were hunted, and then 17 were hunted in the year 2019 and 29 in the year 2020. And 5 leopards have been hunted in the last 8 months of this year. And in comparison, the hunting of leopards has increased very fast as compared to tigers.

Kolarkar has also told that the Forest Department itself does not have any information. Related to the number of all wild animals killed. And the forest department has not given anything related to the status of wildlife crime cases. And the number of accused arrested in all poaching cases.

Desai has said that, “These are all cases of opportunistic hunting where all the people used to electrify the fences of the fields to protect their crops, or to kill the herbivores for the flesh of the bush.” for or on live wires. And a carnivore may have come into contact and then he would have died. And all the deaths due to poison also show vengeance.”

Since the month of July, all the forest officials of Nagpur city division have arrested more than 30 accused and many tiger and leopard body parts have also been confiscated from districts like Chandrapur, Nagpur, In which parts like claws, dogs, whiskers, skin, bones etc. are included. Raids were conducted in Pune and Karad in western Maharashtra and poachers have been arrested in that too.

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