Meet one of the best known child artist of the bollywood industry Drashti Bhanushali

In order to be a good artist, the actor should observe the dialogue one has with themselves and with life around them. In order to be able to “put themselves ” on stage in a live, flowing state, here and now, so that one can live characters and situations foreign to oneself , so that one can effortlessly and freely change at any given moment, fully believing in ones imagination and internal world, in a way that can carry the audience away to an illusion of real and fictional reality for a short while, one should be able to relate to a state that has been within oneself from the start, beyond the screens of ones personality and the layers of ones soul. One such name who has given all her heart and soul in acting is Drashti Bhanushali.

drashti bhanushali
drashti bhanushali

One of the most loved child artist in today’s industry Drashti is known for her versatility as a child she is one of the best of the best child artist one could ever watch on screen. She’s a treat for the viewers to watch. She introduces a number of flavours to the characters that she plays which fascinate the viewers to another level. She has a commendable name as a child artist in the industry and is known to deliver the best of the best when it comes to acting. She avoids getting attached to a feeling that accompanied a reality gone by, and she is fully open to discover a new moment, to say “yes” to propositions of her fellow actors, to listen to the flow, to the “here and now,” words sacred when it comes to her performance.

She is an inspiration to all everyone who would like to persuade their careers in this field. She has been a part of ace serials like Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Yeh Rishra Kya Kehlata hai, and more. She also played the role of young sara in (Disha Patani’s role in Malang).

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