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Residents of Raj Nagar & Civil Lines Setting up Example to segregate Household Garbage

Its been a while we see the NMC coming up with a new diktat to dispose of the household garbage in a segregated way keeping the dry and the wet trash in two different containers or dustbins. As the garbage collection vans have now started collecting the trash in two different places – the try and wet getting them segregated in the said ways. As per reports, the city residents from colonies based in Raj Nagar and Civil LInes have set example for this.
In fact, at Raj Nagar, the flat owners have been following this norm for four years with their two containers seperate for the trash at their garbage collection spaces. The Laxmi Apartment based in CIvil Lines has been doing this since long collecting them in different categories like plastic, e-waste, leag litter, tube lights, blubs and newspapers. Talking about the same, the residents informed the blue one is kept for the recyclable plastic waste, red for medicines and yellow for plastic bags. They have now added the plastic and e-waste as well for the people to dispose of.
Of late, there seems to be an increase of awareness towards caring for the environment. The residents of these apartments based in Civil Lines and Raj Nagar seemed to have set an example in this regard. On the other side, the NMC is intending to streamline the things by 15th December by compelling the residents to send their garbage in the two states. They have put the onus on the people to do the same and dispose of them accordingly to the garbage vans.

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