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Nagpur youth lauds police efforts to control children sex trafficking

The volunteers marched with placards displaying slogans and captivating messages

30 volunteers carried a placard campaign in Sadar Chowk, outside the Police Commissioner’s office, in assistance of the police actions taken for the welfare of Nagpur, praising the police efforts in reducing child trafficking and sexual abuse of children in the city.

They also sent a letter to the Commissioner thanking the cops for taking steps to combat heinous crimes such as human trafficking in the city.

The volunteers marched with placards displaying slogans and captivating messages such as ‘Thank you [Nagpur Police] for working for a cause, not applause,’ ‘Save Nagpur from sex slavery,’ ‘One Step By Nagpur Police, A Giant Leap for Women and Children Across The Country,’ and many more. They were affiliated with Matrix Warriors, a youth organization dedicated to social welfare and the environment.

They tied rakhis to the cops as a thank you for protecting the public. Later, the youth scattered to RBI chowk, Savidhan chowk, and Gandhi Nagar Square with placards, spreading the message about the police’s efforts to combat child sex trafficking.

“The vast majority of police work goes unnoticed. They work day and night to combat serious crimes for our safety. We are quick to denounce the police when they do not act, but when they do, it is critical that we come out in full support of them. “It is critical for Nagpur residents to be aware of and appreciate their efforts”, said co-founder of Matrix Warriors, Abhishek Urkude.

Rohan Araspure, founder of Dream for Life Foundation said, “Many young college girls are enticed into sex trafficking as college boys tend to become a huge clientele for such sex trafficking barns.” This necessarily requires that the youth spearhead a movement to combat both the market forces for sex trafficking. We applaud the police for their efforts to combat sex trafficking and crimes against women in the city.”
Amitesh Kumar, the Nagpur Police Commissioner, took over as Commissioner in September 2020. He has been in the news since then for taking action against crime syndicates in the city.

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