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8,284 tests were conducted in 11 districts of Vidarbha

With 12 new covid patients on Friday. The total coronavirus caseload of region Vidarbha has reached 11,20,343.

Nagpur: coronavirus testing continues upward Because now the district health administration is concentrating well on checking the contacts of all the newly found covid patients. On Friday, a total of 8,284 tests of covid were done in 11 districts of the Vidarbha region. Out of which about 4,043 tests were conducted in district Nagpur alone. Of these, about 12 samples have come out positive.

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For the 10th consecutive day on Friday, this trend of increase in new cases of covid by 2 points may have continued. But the test positivity rate of covid has come down to 0.15%, Which is also considered very less.

With about 12 new covid patients on Friday. The total coronavirus caseload of region Vidarbha has reached 11,20,343. 6 patients of covid have been cured in the day, due to which the total number of recoveries has gone up to 10,98,775. The recovery rate in region Vidarbha is above about 98 percent.

Yavatmal: No death due to coronavirus has been reported in this district on Friday. Due to which the death toll in the district is about 1,787. Now 6 covid patients are undergoing treatment. And with this, the administration has received reports of about 444 investigations a day.

Amravati: Out of about 96 samples tested on Friday in this district, not a single one has turned positive. No patient has recovered in the district and no death has ensured that the number of patients under treatment remains at 5.

Chandrapur: There was only a spike of 4 new coronavirus cases in this district. Solitary recovery was registered on Friday as well. 3 covid patients have been found in Bhadravati, 1 covid patient found in chandrapur city.

Wardha: In this district only 1 new coronavirus patient has been detected out of 365 tests on Friday. Due to which the number of these patients under treatment has gone up to 13 and with this the total number of covid cases has gone up to 49,423. Not a single death or recovery has been reported.

Akola: Out of all the 389 investigations conducted in this district, the report of coronavirus has come negative. District Akola has not reported any new coronavirus patients in the last almost 7 days. The total caseload in the district is 57,891, out of which 56,744 are correct and 1,139 deaths are also included. Only 8 covid patients are currently being treated.

Washim: The only district in Vidarbha with 0 coronavirus cases in this district has maintained a remarkable position in the district for the 11th day on Friday. This district has not registered a single new case.

Buldhana: After the second wave of the dreaded epidemic of coronavirus in this district, for the 26th time not a single new case has come to the fore. All the 293 tests done in the last 24 hours were covid negative.

Gadchiroli: Out of around 557 tests conducted in the last 24 hours in this district, not a single one was coronavirus positive. Only 1 patient has been cured of this district.

Gondia: In this district, the only under-treatment patient has got the only active case because not a single new covid patient has been found on Friday. A total of 184 tests were conducted in the district during the day.

Bhandara: Not a single new covid case came up in this district on Friday. Similarly, the total caseload has remained unchanged at around 60,104, Out of which 1,133 deaths and 58,969 recoveries were involved. Treatment of 2 covid patients is going on in the district.

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