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New system of FASTag, ST buses Now Facing Yet another financial burden

The MSRTC or Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is still facing a tough time when it comes to calling financial losses and similar things. With the new system of FASTag coming into force for the past one month, we see yet another financial crunch and trouble to the ST. As per reports, the Fastag account of the ST is seen empty and hence ti has to be paid with double the toll informed the insiders that would incur heavy losses to them.

As per reports, the insider revealed that the buses would otherwise be used to move smoothly with the RFID tags, and now these have to wait for not less than ten minutes at every toll plaza with the scanners that are not able to read the tags. The situations turn bad to worse during the week-ends for the increment of the people here. And in the remote areas of the state, we see poor connectivity at the toll plazas leading to delays along with the reading of the tags. And the commuters are now facing the real difficulty of the delay of ST drivers.

Earlier, the ST corporation was facing a shortage of buses. Now, we see the tolls are creating a double financial burden for the corporation along with the financial crisis. They are seen paying the double toll tax if they are do not choose the Fastag system claimed the reports. Today we have a total of 566 buses that are yet to pay toll tax in the city of ST corporation. This will cost the department with around 2.50 lakh a day and now tool tax is paid in cash while the expenditure has boosted from Rs.2.50 lakh to Rs.5 lakh.

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