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Night Safari at Tadoba for City and other adventure lovers

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve or TATR has remained the key attraction for the Nagpur tourists and adventure lovers. Nagpur is also called Tiger Capital as the jungles close to the city have tigers all around. Tadoba is one of them that has been the key attraction to people coming far and wide to catch the glimpse of the big cat. Considering the high response, the authorities at the safari jungle have embarked upon the night safari as the new addition in the existing plans.

This will be soon to be made effective in the current plan. The night safari will be available at the Palasgaon-Karwa-Shivni route, which will offer the tourists 32 km additional safari from Padmapur gate till Kondgaon. This safari will be falling under the Mohurli buffer zone. However, the cost of the night safari would be around 3500 per trip, which include 2000 as fare and 1000 for the gate fee and 500 as the guide fee.

As per the officials, only six vehicles would be allowed inside the forest area during the night time, which is restricted from 7 to 9 pm only. Earlier, the authorities have announced similar facilities way back in 2016, which used to commence from the Surewani gate at the Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR)’s buffer zone. The entire idea of night safari was to attract the people towards it. Earlier this was carried out to experiment at the PTR, but with time it was stopped. Today it carries more than 60 vehicles carrying 300 tourists.Stay tuned to know more news on Nagpur only with us.

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