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Employees unions urge PM to fill 8.86 lakh vacancies in central departments

on March 1, 2016, about 4.12 lakh posts were vacant. In the same period till the month of March last year,

Nagpur: Concerned over the “huge number” of vacancies in different departments under the central government, Various organizations in the district have sent a letter to PM Narendra Modi appealing to fill up the posts on an urgent basis with the help of a very special recruitment drive.

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Organizations such as Employees and Pensioners Union OBC, SC, ST, Swatantra Railway Bahujan Employees Union (SRBKU), Dr. Ambedkar Employees Union (DAEA) and, Minority (EPASSOM) has also requested the PM Narendra Modi to instruct all these departments to start the recruitment process.

According to DAEEA president Sanjay Thul and EPASSOM secretary BP Urade, SRBKU general secretary Vikas Gour, the annual report on allowances and salaries of the Department of Expenditure, till the month of March last year, out of about 40.77 lakh sanctioned posts, more than 8.86 lakh posts were completely vacant in many central departments. And then this means that only about 21.75% of the sanctioned posts in GST, CPWD, Railways, Postal Department, and many other departments are vacant.

Destroying Many Families

Gour, Urade and Thul said, “As of the date of March 1, 2016, about 4.12 lakh posts were completely vacant. In the same period till the month of March last year, this number has increased and has increased to about 8.86 lakhs. This indicates that more than 4.74 lakh vacancies have been added in the last 4 years. Which is an increase of about 114.8%. This means that about 1 quarter of the total sanctioned posts are lying vacant even today. The heavy workload is on all the existing employees.”

Gour, Urade, and Thul have also said that if PM Narendra Modi does not pay attention to this at all, then the vacancies may increase even more.

He has also said that “Affecting the morale of the employees very badly and due to the heavy burden on all of them, their daily work is also getting hampered a lot. And many lakhs of eligible youth are also unemployed, that’s why the government should recruit them to reduce all these numbers of vacancies.”

He has also said that due to excessive physical and mental stress on the employees, they are facing different types of family and health problems. There has even been an untimely death. He has also said that it is also a root cause of destroying many families and increasing the tendency of dangerous deadly diseases and social insecurity.

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