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Tiger fell in Chandrapur well, rescued after 3.5 hours of operation

A wooden cot was tied with rope by the rescue workers and then it was lowered very close to the tiger and then went away from the well.

Chandrapur: After a rescue operation that lasted for three and a half hours in the morning of Monday morning in Alpar village of Warora forest area, 1 fully grown tiger who fell in the well of the field has also been rescued. And the rescue team lowered the wooden cot inside the well to get this tiger a foothold and the kitten also jumped and then jumped on the parapet wall of the well and ran inside the forest.

tiger fell rescued

This matter came to the fore when 1 farmer Gallop saw a tiger in his field in the morning. Forest officials were informed and Warora Range Forest Officer (RFO) MP Rathod along with his team reached the spot at that place. Volunteers of Rapid Response Unit (RRU) and NGO Eco-Pro team of Chandrapur Forest Division were also summoned.

MP has said that it is not yet clear at all how this tiger fell inside the well. “We suspect that the tiger was chasing some prey through the fields and then the tiger may have fallen inside the well while leaping for prey, sometime during the night,” he added. MP has also said that the water of the well was only about 6 feet below the shore and the tiger must have been tired but it was swimming in the water.

Rescuers tied wooden cots

By the time the forest workers reached the spot, a huge crowd of villagers had gathered to see the big cat trapped inside the well. Rathod has also told that then controlling that overzealous crowd was the very difficult part. And even before the start of this rescue operation, we had to take the help of Shegaon Police to disperse the crowd.

A wooden cot was tied with rope by the rescue workers and then it was lowered very close to the tiger and then went away from the well. And then just waiting for his response. Rathod has also said that then that tiger soon climbed on top of the cot and then after swimming for a long time took rest for some time. The tiger was sitting on the cot for some time, The tiger then jumped over the parapet and then ran away.

The range forest officer has also told that the experience of the forest dwellers of serving in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve was very useful during the operation. Led by range forest officer Rathod, the rescue team included forest dwellers Kishor Deulkar, Nibuddhe, Ramteke, Amol Neware, SD Watekar, and volunteers from Eco-Pro and Ishwar Boye, members of the rapid response unit team.

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