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NMC Claims to have Fixed 5650 Potholes caused by Monsoon rains

After the High Court came black and blue on the local body NMC, the traffic police also opened lines to accept the complaints on potholes as it continued to add accidents on roads for the citizens of Nagpur. The courts have given orders to take as many complaints as possible by the traffic police and another concerned department to allow the NMC to act fast and fix things that have been creating problems for the Nagpurians.

On the other side, NMC was quick to meet the demands of people asking to fix the potholes in their areas. As per their recent reports, the NMC has claimed that they have fixed not less than 5650 potholes this year which were caused to the heavy rains in the city. It also said in just one month, the department has repaired 3482 potholes. While the number of potholes remaining to get fixed includes 379. The late August has witnessed huge rain that further caused the problem.

As per the same reports, the NIT has invested around 40 lakhs in the repair of potholes so far for the 1500 potholes in the city. The highest potholes that were fixed in the area of Dharampeth that include 123 of 17.10 meters stretch, while the least was in Satranajipur which witnessed the repair of 4 that has around 29 yet to be repaired. The NMC also claimed that the problems pending at the sanitation department failing to clear the drain water also have aggravated the issue of potholes in the city. Stay tuned to know more about this and others only with us.

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