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Not single new covid case in 7 districts of Vidarbha

On Thursday, 3 coronavirus cases were found from Nagpur district and 1 came out from Chandrapur district.

Nagpur: In the last 48 hours, not a single new covid case has been found in 7 districts including 4 in the Amravati division and 3 in Nagpur division. On the festival of Diwali celebrated on Thursday, only 4 covid cases were found in Vidarbha. Which is the lowest number till date of this month. 7 covid cases have been reported on Friday.

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With most of the centers being closed on account of Diwali, the Covid testing in this area has been done just over 1,800.

On Thursday, 3 coronavirus cases were found from Nagpur district and 1 came out from Chandrapur district. Not a single coronavirus case has been reported in Amravati division consisting of 5 districts on the festival of Diwali.

In Nagpur district, probably after the month of July last year, the daily coronavirus tests have come down to around 563 on Friday. Of these, 2 patients tested positive for coronavirus in samples processed in private laboratories. 0 coronavirus cases were registered in this district on Thursday.

At present, there are about 76 active covid-19 cases in Vidarbha. And most patients do not need to be admitted even inside the hospital.

Washim: No new covid-19 case has come in this district nor any recovery in the district. There is no change in the toll of the district. So far there are 3 covid-19 active cases.

Gondia: No case of coronavirus has been reported in the district. And also a holiday has been given as Gondia is coronavirus free for now.

Buldhana: Not a single new coronavirus case has been found. This district has not reported any recovery. 9 coronavirus patients are being treated in Buldhana.

Akola: Except 8 active covid cases, no new covid-19 case has been reported in this district nor any covid-19 patient has been cured so far.

Gadchiroli: 1 new covid-19 case has been registered but 1 covid-19 patient has been cured. In this, treatment of 3 covid-19 patients is still going on.

Amravati: In this district, not a single one has been found positive out of about 27 covid-19 samples tested on Friday. Due to the recovery of 2 people, the total has been 94,551. Not a single death has been reported. At present there are 5 active cases of covid-19 in this district.

Yavatmal: No death has been reported in the last 48 hours. The death toll in the district was up to 1,787 on Friday. 5 out of 247 tests in this district covid has come positive, 3 people have been cured in the district.

Wardha: In this district, 2 samples have come positive in about 207 tests of covid on Thursday. While not a single report has been received on Friday. The Covid caseload of this district is 49,410 out of which around 48,075 are recoveries and around 1,326 deaths are also included. Treatment of 5 covid patients is going on so far.

Chandrapur: The covid active cases in this district are felt as around 11. Because 0 new covid case was registered. Whereas in this district 1 covid patient has been cured on Friday. Not a single death was reported in Chandrapur. caseload stands at 88,871, of which up to 87,264 are recoveries and deaths up to 1,542.

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