PIYUSH BHATT :If you have skills and a resilient will, you can acquire all you want


Being young is never a disadvantage as proven by Piyush bhatt. A guy with a unique mentality, Bhatt is exemplary. People, on one hand,have to make sacrifices to attain the passion, the versatile young guy, has showcased an example of perfect balance. Pursuing his academics from Manav Rachna University,Bhatt is both an actor and a student.

Piyush,impelled to make a career in the acting industry, treats academics as an equivalent part of his life. Piyush has been improvising his elegant skills. With time, he has come a great way. At the age of 19, Piyush has done plenty short films, Music videos, and many videos and movies . He has devised excellent strategic approach for time and work management without fail.

His journey has been arduous yet adventurous. On one hand, he wants to pursue his passion where as his father wants him to complete his grad and acquire complete academic knowledge. He has never let him down. He said ”I respect his decisions and accept his will as well. To maintain a balance between your passion and academics is not easy, yet not impossible. I have had a lot of support from my family and friends and I believe I can achieve all I want!. The road to passion makes you the man you admire to be”.

Bhatt defines himself as an introvert but cool-minded person. We wish that he soon climbs the ladder to zenith and becomes victorious.

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