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Rain, Humid and Warm Day in City Yesterday

The Christmas eve this year has been interesting this year, as the month-end has all the elements that made the city and region unique and different. As per reports, the Regional Meteorological Center or RMC has predicted the rains for the coming few days. This kept the place raining for the past two days and we saw a thick fog surrounding the city with the weather turning humid and warm.

The rains started this morning and it continued till evening, while Thursday morning too had some amount of drizzle. As per the weather reports, the city seemed to have recorded 9.6 ml of rains till morning 8. There seemed some amount of shower as well. The reports indicated that the westerly and southwesterly winds are sen flowing over the region and the moisture is seen coming along the chilly winter in the city.

However, the experts feel that the upcoming days would see the change in weather soon. Well, let’s see how things would move, but at the moment, the people around the city enjoying the weather the best. Well, let’s see how things would move, but at the moment it is party time for the people. The winds from the surrounding states like Telangana and other places seem to have entered and made things bad to worse. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. If you have anything to share, you can comment below and let us know more about it by commenting below.

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