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Third dose of Covid-19 vaccine should soon be a reality, say experts

According to doctors, a nationwide policy for this third dose of coronavirus vaccine should be introduced soon.

Nagpur: Where a large number of covid vaccinations are going on and a new initiative is being taken to cover the people who do not get covid vaccination, at the same time doctors are now demanding a policy regarding the third or booster dose of covid.

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According to doctors, a nationwide policy for this third dose of coronavirus vaccine should be introduced very soon.

Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar, a senior official of IMA has said that “The doctors were the first to take the coronavirus vaccine. And most of them are from the same batch that took both the doses of covid at an interval of about 28 days. And then later, it was scientifically proven that increasing the interval of 2 doses of covid brings better immunity. Then in a way, he has missed out on this ‘better’ protection. As a result, these doctors should be given priority and then they should also be given the third dose of covid,”

President of Vidarbha Hospital Association whose name is Dr. Ashok Arbat. He has said that many private hospitals in the city have piled up doses of the coronavirus vaccine. And then they can also be used if the government comes up with a policy for the third dose of covid-19. He has also said that a proper policy should be introduced for the third dose of covid. So that all the people can be benefited on a very large scale.

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This is a very good time to start the third dose of covid as we are all moving towards the new year as well, According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde.

He has said that in the year 2021, this was the same period when the virus started mutating. By the month of February, we got 1 very big delta hit and then the second wave of covid had started. Instead of waiting for the arrival of February 2022. We should actively launch the third dose policy of covid and then officially give it to all the people.

The director of 1 major private hospital in district Nagpur has told that many people have taken the third dose of covid unofficially. But many people are also waiting for the government to be official.

The third dose of covid has been officially approved in the United States. And now our government also takes the decision only when that situation turns into an emergency. This third dose of covid can also be optional, paid. And at the same time, private hospitals can be allowed to register all those who are interested, said the doctor.

A senior member has said that this state covid task force has also discussed the third dose policy of covid in its recent meeting.

The member has also said that experts have given their opinion on this. In the case of the third dose of covid, a mix-match may also work. A nationwide policy is also likely to be announced by the end of November.

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