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Road damaged in 3 years, MLA accuses tractor company’s illegal warehouse

Due to potholes and damage to the lower base on the road, there is a lot of dust blowing with each movement of the vehicles.

Nagpur: The road connecting Vanadongri and Vadhamna, built about 3 years ago, has been damaged to a great extent. West Nagpur MLA whose name is Vikas Thakre. He has fully held 1 tractor manufacturing and transport company responsible for this devastation and inconvenience being caused to all the people.

Along with this, the condition of a very large part of this road is also very bad. Too many potholes on these roads. At some places, the lower base of the road has been badly damaged under the tar.

Due to potholes and damage to the lower base on the road. There is a lot of dust blowing with each movement of the vehicles. And dust can be easily seen spreading over agricultural crops, residential buildings, and these roadside open plots.

Information from the Public Works Department of this state shows that about 3 years back also the road was stared and widened. These roads were constructed for the convenience of all the people going from Hingna, Wanadongri to Amravati Road to Vadhamna, Wadi, etc, and vice versa. The work of completely strengthening the lower base of this road was also done.

City Congress Committee president whose name is Vikas. He had lodged a complaint about this with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) several days ago and then demanded action on it. It has also stated that Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has constructed 1 godown for storage of tractors on 1 very spacious plot above the same road. The user of this land is agriculture and it cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes at all. In addition, it is located within warehouse agricultural farms and residential buildings. And yet it continues to be violated.

Road accidents are common

Vikas also said that truck-trailers carrying tractors from the plant at MIDC Hingna to the godown. And then towards Amravati Road have completely damaged the road.

It has been said that even the regular movement of truck-trailers is posing great danger to all the people, especially all the students. Apart from farms and houses, there are also dental colleges and schools on all these roads. Now due to the abundance of these potholes on these roads. Especially in the evening time, road accidents have become a common thing.

An official of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has said that “We didn’t receive any complaint regarding this. These warehouses are looked after by our head office. For this reason, it will have to be investigated. Not only truck-trailers but other trucks laden with goods regularly ply on these roads. For this reason, it is not fair to blame all the tractor-trailer truck-trailers alone. And now we will look into this issue and take all necessary steps.”

This road is located on the outskirts of this city in the Hingna assembly constituency.

Along with this, BJP MLA from Hingna assembly constituency Sameer Meghe has accused the party of Maha Vikas Aghadi of not sanctioning funds for repairing these roads.

He has also said that this government has not sanctioned any money in any way for repairing this road and others in my constituency in the last almost 2 years. I have written many letters demanding money for the widening and repair of these roads but nothing has happened.

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