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Two weeks after festivities, Covid is well under control in Vidarbha

Even after the festive rush, the cases of Kovid are coming from the normal average. In fact, 10 fewer new covid cases have been reported a fortnight before Diwali as compared to a fortnight before the festival of Diwali.

Nagpur: Until several weeks ago, experts and even members of the COVID-19 task force were expecting a slight increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection. Especially in the weeks following the festival of Diwali as this festive season saw a huge mix of population, shopping, and traveling crowd. But the figures of the Vidarbha region are telling a different reality now.

Even after this festive rush, the cases of covid are coming at a normal average. In fact, in the fortnight after the festival of Diwali. 10 Fewer new covid cases have been reported than in the fortnight before the festival of Diwali. Similarly, it can also be concluded that the mixture of celebration and crowd has not caused a very dangerous surge of infection of coronavirus.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde has said that he has fully approved a very large litmus test. Not only in terms of these numbers, new covid cases coming after the festival of Diwali are also providing relief now. Because most covid patients do not have more than mild symptoms.

Starting Children’s Vaccinations

Dr. Nitin has also said that this can also be considered a great achievement of the population of the area. Many people have natural antibodies and others have vaccine protection against covid. And said now we should move forward. In order to normalize everyone’s life, the government should also consider starting the vaccine for all children and reopening schools for all.

According to epidemiologist Anand Thatte, the inherent immunity of natural infection has worked for the rural population while the covid vaccine is doing magic in urban areas. He has also said that the vaccines of covid have provided protection against the dreaded disease. And it is not that it is not a virus. But due to the vaccination of covid, its spread has been very limited. We should cover more population with both doses of this covid vaccine.

A senior member of the District COVID Task Force has also said that the administration has been well informed about the post-festival situation. And once again with a plan to reopen, it has been advised to move forward. The doctor said that we are very closely watching the latest surge in covid cases, especially in many European countries. Until we find any new mutation of any kind. We are all very safe in India to a large extent.

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