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Rohit Yadav Known Social Worker Exposed NMC Employees for Spraying Water Instead of Sanitizer

Rohit Yadav Exposed NMC Nagpur
Rohit Yadav Exposed NMC Nagpur

In the recent outbreak for COVID 19 virus in the country, we see the Prime Minister now announcing the lockdown of 21 days in the country. We see the fight is going on for the virus with the civic body NMC in Nagpur announcing for the drive to spray sanitizer in the city. Various teams have been formed to do so and people in different areas particularly the social workers have come forward to support this act.

One such name is Rohit Yadav from Jaripatka who has been involved in the drive to spread in the area of Prabhag No 1, Kasturba Nagar in Jariptaka. He caught the group of NMC workers who carried out the cans with water and were seen spraying them in the area instead of sanitizer. However, soon the social worker realized that the NMC men were spraying only water in it. In the shared video, one can clearly see them spraying something, which many have confirmed is nothing but water.

It is a matter of shame as to how people are taking fellow citizens and residents for a ride by spraying only water. This is not the first time when such cases of cheating and frauds have been reported in the time of crisis. There have been such cases before. But during the current time when preventive measurements and precautions are to be taken the most, we see such an act of corruption nothing but a stigma on our society. We appeal to the officials to kindly check and confirm about the same while taking strict action against the culprits.

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