Reducing plagiarism through academic misconduct education

Academic dishonesty is not any new issue in higher education spheres. Today, every instructor is well-informed about this misconduct and always looks upon the student’s assignments with a starry eye. Well, the regretful thing is, students have found unique ways to cheat on their assignments and deceive their institutions. They are trying not to put their efforts into the work. As a result, they are destroying their future.

The fact: Academic misconduct education has existed with us for decades, and as modern students have access to more data on the web, this issue is rising day by day. Even after the pandemic – when studies have switched to online methods – students got themselves more relaxed. From plagiarizing others’ efforts to applying unique ways to hide it, the student’s career is near to drowning. That is the reason reducing plagiarism from the academic field has become so important!

Recent research has stated, we should run student’s work from plagiarism checkers and point their misconduct on the spot. Also, many educational institutions have acted strictly and decided to give punishments to the students whose work contains plagiarism. But is that appropriate to take such steps? Let’s figure it out by reading the bottom line!

Preventing Academic Misconduct

As education now works online, let us explain the prime things in the context of it. Have you heard that quote, “Sometimes advising the same thing over and over again is essential for some people” If so, then you got the point? It means to tell students about the damage of plagiarism again and again as many students ignore it. As a teacher, you have to try to ensure that your student fully understands the definition of plagiarism. After that keeping, an eye on their behavior and actions should be your second priority.

Below we have discussed some strategies that can help a student get rid of plagiarism without any problems. So, scroll down and take a look!

When Students are Taking an Exam:

  1. Tell your students not to use things or resources that are not pre-approved by your institution. Ask them to clarify it with you before taking an exam. Warn them about what they are allowed and not allowed to utilize.
  2. Try to make sure that every sort of note or unauthorized resource is away from student’s reach before they receive their exam.
  3. Teach your students to concentrate on their paper, do not let their browsers wander.
  4. During online exams, use all Lockdown web browsers and agent instructions.
  5. Ask your students not to make any changes or corrections when they receive back their exam sheet.

When Students are Writing a Paper:

  • As mentioned earlier, teach your students the meaning of plagiarism.
  • If students are copying words from a source, you must ask them to use quotation marks.
  • Likewise, if a student is applying images, statistics, graphs, facts, etc., ask them to point out the source.
  • One thing that is essential to understand is when you copy someone else’s idea. And do not write word by word students should correctly paraphrase the information.

When Students are Working with Others on Assignments:

  1. Students should not work together more on an assignment. In this way, their ideas and words will not be the same, and they could send unique work.
  2. If a friend asks to work together on a graded paper, first ask your instructor.
  3. One thing you must keep in mind, do not copy each other’s ideas.
  4. Last but not least! Also, do not try to plagiarize answers from answers guidebooks or other online sources.

Always Use an Advanced Plagiarism Checker

After taking all those precautions, it is time to check the results! This step is essential for both – teachers and students. An advanced plagiarism checker will help you to check for plagiarism in your work in seconds. Also, it will ensure you that the work is 100% unique and there are no chances of academic misconduct. So, knowing about the best plagiarism tools is crucial. We have gathered the top-notch tools to check plagiarism on the go! Take a look –

  • PlagiarismDetector.Net

It is an excellent advanced plagiarism checker tool that will help you get accurate results for free. This plagiarism tool is serving billions of users worldwide. It has a complete set of handy features that could make you satisfied. The working of this online plagiarism checker is quite good even a beginner can also utilize it quickly. All you have to do is drop the text you desired to check for plagiarism and click the Check button. Once you do so, the rest of the process will take a few seconds, and you can have the plagiarism report.

  • SmallSEOTools

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools is excellent for students and teachers who want to reduce plagiarism from their work. offers a wide range of SEO tools that makes this place reputable. Besides, its plagiarism checker has extra fame in the market because of its accuracy. you can use this free plagiarism checker by using the following link

So, the above tips and tricks can help you reduce plagiarism from academic misconduct education!

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