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Registered with different IDs, merger of certificates received to vax beneficiaries

There are more than 2 lakh citizens in this district for the second dose of covid vaccine.

Nagpur: Some of the vax beneficiaries of this district have approached the local health authorities with 2 first dose certificates. And then also requested to merge them. Because they have taken this job using different proofs of identity and at different centres.

vax beneficiaries

District administration and citizens are also looking for similar beneficiaries on a daily basis in the follow up call. And now the officials are also calling all the beneficiaries who have made their first move in the centers of Nagpur District. Had taken a covid dose and then has not taken another dose of covid even after the expected interval period has elapsed.

There are more than 2 lakh citizens in this district for the second dose of covid. When asked to take the second dose of coronavirus. Then the beneficiaries have told the officials that they have taken both doses of covid. But have got a certificate of partial covid vaccination.

Officials have also said that the Co-Win system also now allows all the beneficiaries to merge their certificates obtained from 2 different centers using completely different IDs. He has said that these centers of ours help all those people who are not at all aware of the facility of co-win or do not know how to do it themselves.

All the beneficiaries need to fill the ID date and details in this system properly. To generate the covid vaccination certificate.

Shortage of Covid Doses

Civic officials said that in the last 3 months, more than 300 calls are received every day to people who have taken their first dose of covid. But still, those people show the second dose of covid as due. He has said that around 5,000 people have taken their second covid dose using 1 different ID.

When asked about how all the vax beneficiaries were allowed to take the second dose of covid. Using a different ID, the officials then said that some of these people took their covid dose in panic.

They have said that they belong to that group. When we used to have a lot of shortage of covid doses. And this campaign also used to stop. Also, due to the long duration, they are not able to remember in any way which ID they used for this earlier. Many even completely refuse to cooperate. And do not disclose at all whether they have been caught in the past or what ID they entered the first time.

Officials have also said that many had also given preference to other districts like the Bhandara district. Where doses would be available to meet the Covid dosage very quickly.

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