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Residents road work: Halt cement road work to protest encroachment by BJP neta

The residents of Gopal Nagar of the city are strongly opposing the conversion of tar road work into cement concrete.

Nagpur: The residents of Gopal Nagar of the city are strongly opposing the conversion of tar road work into cement concrete. This project is being implemented for his South and West constituency out of the funds of Devendra Fadnavis, former Chief Minister.

Residents road work, Residents have also put up on a hoarding mentioning of the a encroachment near to the road by a (BJP). Bharatiya janata party councilor, whose name is Pramod Tabhane, and lapses in the construction road work. Tabhane has also stopped his contractor for bringing the project to a complete halt.

A fortnight ago, Fadnavis also performed bhoomi puja for the work of concreting. The 12 meter wide and 1300 meter tar road. According to senior official Public Works Department of the NMC. chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had sanctioned about the Rs 4 crore for this work.

The tar road, which was once rebuilt more than 15 years ago, has innumerable potholes.

According to many local people. The then Municipal Commissioner Shyam Vardhane had instructed the Laxmi Nagar zone to demolish the illegal construction. Nighote has maintained that the civil administration has not acted at all Tabhane represents the ruling party in the NMC.

NMC Anti-Rncroachment Department Said

A senior official of the anti-encroachment department of NMC. Has told that about 3 notices have been issued to the corporator.

The officer has also said that, “Tabhane himself had assured to demolish the illegal construction. And neither Laxmi Nagar nor the corporator area has done anything.

There is a demand from many people that apart from removing the encroachments. The existing road should be dug about 2 feet deep before starting the concreting work.

Residents have this to say, “If all of us do not protest now. Then the height of the road will increase by at least 2 feet. Then the houses will get waterlogged when the rains come.”

At present, in many areas the height of the road is much higher than the plinth level of residential areas adjacent to the road. Allowing rain water to enter all the houses when it rains.

Tabhane has also said that “I have asked the NMC to do the road marking and if any land is required. I will distribute that part.”

The corporator has said that due care will be taken to ensure that no house in the locality gets waterlogged on the road. He said VNIT opinion also be taken on this matter.

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