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Revised rates of petrol and diesel are giving a surprise

Over the time, everything is becoming costly. Not just the household things or food items, but also the petrol and diesel prices. However, the prices of petrol and diesel are low today. They remain unchanged across the metro cities of the country. In Bengaluru, the petrol costs Rs 74.34 per litre while in Mumbai, it is at Rs 77.56 per litre. Delhi has the lowest petrol prices with Rs 71.89 per litre whereas in Chennai, it costs around Rs 74.68 per litre.

The diesel prices for various cities are between Rs 64 to Rs 69 per litre. Diesel is priced at Rs 67.75 in Mumbai while in Bengaluru, it is at Rs 68.27 for every litre sold. In Chennai too, it is priced at Rs 68.27 per litre. Delhi again experiences the lowest price with diesel costing at Rs 64.65 per litre. The rates of petrol and diesel are reviewed on a daily basis by the oil marketing companies. Everyday at 6 am, the fuel prices are revised.

The change in the prices of fuel depends on the price of international crude oil and rupee-US Dollar exchange rates. Everybody will witness a hike in petrol and diesel prices in the month of April as the norms of the new BS-VI emission will come into force. The increase in the oil prices has brought Brent gaining a straight day for the seventh time in a row. The oil prices are going up globally in the oil market. As a result, the barrel too has turned costly.

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